Moisturizing foot cream

A deeply nourishing, non-oily foot care cream to soften and repair dry, cracked skin, deodorise, and leave feet hydrated and relaxed. The cream combines an exquisite blend of natural fruit and plant extracts rosemary, Ylang ylan, witch hazel, violet essential oil, eucalyptus to promote fragrant, youthful and baby-soft feet. This product is for daily use, to be used morning, evening or both. It’s a moisturising and firming product.

It incorporates a non-petroleum formula to do the job and is designed to soften and hydrate your feet. Most importantly, it works fast by absorbing the cream quickly saving you time. The consistency is quite thick so you only need to use a little bit which is great since you can use for a long time. Not only is it great for restoring dry feet, it is also perfect for use on your hands, especially the cuticles. Just remember though that this can leave a stain in your shoes or socks so only use it when at home. Also, make sure you use an old pair of socks to wear after you are done.

Product details

100% Natural

No water fillers - just concentrated skin softening ingredients. Most skin creams contain water as their first ingredient. Why pay for water when what you need are the moisturizing oils that provide effective results? No mineral oil - mineral oil is a petroleum product and can't absorb into all 7 layers of the skin like emu oil can.

Great for athlets

Maintain optimal protective layer and prevent rips and tears. No need to chalk up so frequently. Adeli combines the deep penetrating, ultra moisturizing properties of emu oil with a carefully selected combination of plant based ingredients for a thick rich cream that will soften and reduce hard cracked skin on your feet and hands.

Use for

  • Dry, rough, hardened & uncomfortable heels.
  • Prevents foot skin from dryness, roughness and hardness.
  • It iss best for routine care of feet.
  • Moisturises dry feet and heels.
  • Helps to keep the skin soft and supple.

All natural ingredients


Rosemary oil stimulate circulation and provide the necessary moisture and ensure the cream is absorbed quickly. This cream makes the skin more elastic and gives effective protection against dryness and damage. It is suitable for anyone who suffers from dry skin on their feet, counteracting cracked heels and leaving feet feeling soft and silky with its non greasy formula.

Ylang ylan

Hosting a number of foot care properties, ylang ylang essential oil is notable for its antiseborrhoeic qualities. This means that it both reduces inflammation and regulates the sebum production in feet issues. The substance is thought to help balance the feet, reducing issues . It is also a great oil to massage into the feet to keep the skin moisturised and looking healthy.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel is another favourite for those suffering from spot-prone feet. Derived from the bark, twigs and leaves of plants native to North America and some parts of Asia, the active ingredients are mixed to create witch hazel water. Used topically, witch hazel is a fantastic astringent and antioxidant, naturally reducing acne, blisters and insect bites. As an astringent, it helps to reducing the amount of bacteria.

Violet essential oil

The extract of the violet leaf is perhaps most commonly used in high-end perfumes, but it can also be applied to the skin for various results. Ideal for sensitive feet, this rare extract can soothe and comfort itchy, rash-prone feet. However, it is also beneficial for skin, as its antiseptic elements can gently refine the pores.

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Adeli is extremely effective in the control of dry skin and dry heels. It combines the skin's own natural moisturizer, with the water-binding properties organic ingredients to leave skin feeling soft and supple. Excellent for softening and reducing the appearance of calluses and soothing the uncomfortable itch associated with dry skin. Antiseptic and soothing oils provides a subtle, natural fragrance.


Wash and dry your feet thoroughly. Apply on feet, between toes and on heels. Massage until the cream is completely absorbed. Apply daily for best results.

  • Rosemary;
  • Ylang ylan;
  • Witch hazel;
  • Violet essential oil;
  • Eucalyptus;
  • Sal tree;
  • Ginger;